Charles Alfred Pilsbury

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Charles Alfred Pilsbury by Mind Map: Charles Alfred Pilsbury

1. Anatole - Great Grandsire - Diablerized Great-Great Grandsire, Octavio

2. Elizabeth Borden (Final Death) - Grandsire

3. Touchstone: her 4th grade class. Think I'm weird - I like kids

4. Touchstone Fairuza from AA. Girlfriend - Murderbeard

5. Father Joseph Hennepin. Bruja Prince of Minneapolis - superior

6. John Pilsbury, disappeared - sire

7. Touchstone Jimmy Olsen, copy boy at the Press: old friend of the family- contact

8. Kevin Lomax, Senate Paige. Mentee - contact

9. Jacalyne Paper, Joe. Daughter of a Primogen. Partner - partner

10. The Prince: mentor - mentee

11. Touchstone: Sally Pillsbury. Grandmothers sister - gg grand daughter

12. Touchstone Mrs. Abrahamson. Teacher/friend - Friend

13. Touchstone; chamber of c influence; Michelle bachman jr. Casual fuck - informant

14. Influence hud: herman Maynard. Likes bribes - gets me development grants

15. Undefined sectwar mentor 3 dot

15.1. New Topic