Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny by Mind Map: Manifest Destiny

1. The Manifest Destiny was a time where white Americans claimed that god was guiding them to the path of land in the west so they could expand.

2. The biggest main idea of the Manifest Destiny was that god have given White Americans the right to expand to the land in the West. The point was also to expand more and get more territory so they could become more powerful and successful. They wanted to move into the West so that they could make all of that industrial and boost up their production. The main idea of Manifest Destiny was portrayed in poster, paintings, and many more things. The thing that is most well- known is a painting that has an angel in the sky supposedly guiding the white Americans to the west to take over the land.

3. Americans traveled in groups and packed all of their things in wagons or in whatever they could. They then proceed to take a path and head to the west.

3.1. Railroads expanded the west even more because they provided transportation to the west. It also gave the US land rights to the west because they built the railroads in exchange for that. It also allowed more resources to be available in the west because they could transport them in the railroads.

4. There were military officials in the west from the US that were there to maintain and law and order.

4.1. Americans went through routes like the Wilderness Road, the National Road, the Erie Canal, the Oregon Trail, and the South Pass.

5. The main features of Western society were technology, Christianity, capitalism, human rights, rational thinking, democracy, and many more things but those were the most important. The westward expansion caused a lot of change in the US and it caused it to evolve.

6. Why did Mormons decide to settle in Utah?

7. They moved to Utah which was in the west to escape religious discrimination.

8. The availability of natural resources led people to want to move westward even more. Having natural resources would allow them to settle in the west faster because they’d have water and things to survive.

9. Obstacles that were faced while traveling to the west were like, oxens dying of thirst, overloaded wagons, dysentery and paths were also not marked so it was hard to stay on track so they travelers mostly got lost.

10. The challenge of settling in the west was that it was a constant battle with Native Americans. Native Americans were already settled in the west when white Americans came to expand. They had to kick them out of their own land and it was very harsh. Native Americans were rebelling and they had to go through battles.

11. They had surveyors which would take an oath with congress and they would be responsible for one of the states.

12. New farming techniques made the west a lot more industrial. They began to use machines to do some of their farming and it was a lot faster and saved time. It also increased the amount of production.