Hornbostel Sachs System

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Hornbostel Sachs System by Mind Map: Hornbostel Sachs System

1. Idiophone

1.1. Sound is produced by vibrating themselves

1.1.1. Concussion (Striking each other) Castanets, Cymbals (the non drum kit kind)

1.1.2. Friction Musical Glasses

1.1.3. Struck (Externalised striking) Triangle, xylophone, vibraphone, bells, steel drums, cymbals (the drum kit kind)

1.1.4. Scraped Washboard etc

1.1.5. Shaken Maracas

2. Membranophone

2.1. Sound is produced by a vibrating membrane

2.1.1. Tubular (cylindrical, conical, hourglass, barrel) Snare drum, kick drum etc.

2.1.2. Kettle drums (drum base is rounded) Timpani

2.1.3. Friction drums

2.1.4. Mirlitons (vibration by voice or another instrument) Kazoo

2.1.5. Frame drums Tambourine

3. Chordophone

3.1. Sound is produced by vibrating strings

3.1.1. Bowed Violin Viola Cello Double bass

3.1.2. Plucked Harpsichord Guitar Harp

3.1.3. Strike Piano

4. Aerophone

4.1. Sound is produced by vibrating columns of air

4.1.1. Brass Trumpet Trombone Tuba

4.1.2. Wood Flute Clarinet Saxophone Oboe

4.1.3. Free-reed Sound is made by freely vibrating reed frame i.e. Accordion, harmonica etc

4.1.4. Free Sound is made by column of air externalised from the instrument i.e. whip

5. Electrophone

5.1. Sound is produced by electronic means

5.1.1. Synthetically produced Synthesizers

5.1.2. Electronic amplification Electric bass Electric guitar Electric organ