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Features (1) by Mind Map: Features (1)

1. Before job

1.1. view job details

1.1.1. work details

1.1.2. payment details

1.2. Send job reminder(day/hour)

1.2.1. confirm job

1.3. Worker information

1.3.1. ETA information When to expect the worker

1.3.2. Worker profiles

1.4. Status updates

1.4.1. Where worker is

2. End Users

2.1. Login/Sign up

2.1.1. Email

2.1.2. Facebook/Google/Linkedin sign up

2.2. Manage account

2.2.1. Manage profile info

2.2.2. Add/Edit payment info

2.3. Request 1-off Landscaping/Snow removal Service

2.3.1. Fill out job details pictures picture details geotag data satellite map picture

2.3.2. Submit request Wait for Quote Agree/Cancel

2.3.3. Request Statuses Submitted/waiting for quote Quote available Request approved

2.4. Subscription based service

2.4.1. Plans/packages unroll View subscription #of hours/coverage per season or month

2.4.2. add-on services

2.4.3. View/Manage subscription

2.4.4. Schedule jobs

2.5. View Current job

2.5.1. during job before pictures notes

2.5.2. after job after pictures notes Review job Need more work Need Extra work (out of original scope) status updates Confirm job is done

2.6. View past requests

2.6.1. View Job detail When/what/How much How many hours the job took Stats Updates on subscription Snow removal Snow information Details on the snow storm

2.6.2. View payment

2.6.3. View Pictures

3. Admins

3.1. Manage Users

3.2. Manage Workers

3.3. Manage Jobs

3.4. Manage Equipement

3.4.1. Track equipement in Storage vs. out on field

3.5. Dispatching

3.5.1. View All work requests Set Quote Confirm Job

3.5.2. View Accepted jobs Assign jobs to workers System would recommend workers to jobs

3.5.3. Jobs in progress View job details Status updates contact worker contact customer

3.5.4. Map of worker locations Worker Status on-site going to site

3.5.5. Jobs calendar filer by worker

3.6. Pull weather report

3.7. Contact center

3.7.1. View incoming messages from customer or worker

3.8. Reporting

3.8.1. HR report Tax info

3.8.2. Jobs reports View job details

3.8.3. Revenue By job By customer By worker

3.8.4. Rating worker customer Worker Stats efficiency score customer Stats

4. Workers

4.1. Login/Signup

4.1.1. Email

4.1.2. SSO

4.2. Mange account

4.2.1. Profile Info

4.2.2. Estimated dollars or hours

4.2.3. Getting paid info Tax info ID

4.2.4. Equipment

4.2.5. truck/car

4.3. Set Schedule

4.3.1. Set Availability on/off

4.3.2. Set specific times/dates or Free anytime

4.4. View assigned jobs

4.4.1. View Job details What/Where Required equipment

4.4.2. Accept job Confirm Car/Equipment Need transportation Need equipement

4.5. View Accepted Jobs

4.6. Accept Job

4.6.1. View Job details Pictures view map picture equipment location of the work on the property

4.6.2. Send Job reminder(day/hour before) Confirm Job

4.6.3. Send 1 hour reminder Can still get to job ping ETA Will be 30min late notify customer Can no longer make it Assign job to backup worker Notify customer of job update

4.6.4. Automatically start job when worker gets to job location notify worker to take before pictures send status update to customer

4.6.5. request more information from customer Call/Text customer Contact Admin

4.6.6. Remind worker to send job status notification

4.6.7. Job completed Mark job completed after pictures clock-out notes notify customer Return Equipment job completion feedback rate job rate other workers rate customer

4.7. View past Jobs