kitchen equipment

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kitchen equipment by Mind Map: kitchen equipment

1. colander

1.1. used to strain or to drain food (spaghetti, rice, etc)

2. blender

2.1. used to mix, puree or emulsify food

3. toaster

3.1. used to toast sliced bread

4. grater

4.1. used to grate foods into fine pieces

5. hand mixer

5.1. used to prepared the food or liquids buy mixing them

6. potato masher

6.1. used for making lump-free mashed potatoes

7. casserole

7.1. used both in the oven and as a serving vessel

8. rolling pin

8.1. used to shape and flatten dough

9. peller

9.1. used for removing the skin of fruit and vegetable

10. measuring cup

10.1. used to measure the volume of liquid or bulk solid cooking ingreedients

11. grill pan

11.1. used for grilling foods

12. mincer