Simple Present Tense

All about Simple Present Tense

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Simple Present Tense by Mind Map: Simple Present Tense

1. Scientific truths

1.1. Water boils at 100 degrees

1.2. Earth and other planets revolve around the Sun

2. General, permanent situations

2.1. Paul and Emma live in London.

2.2. She works at a bank.

3. Habits, addictions, regular activities

3.1. I travel every summer.

3.2. He gets up at 7 a.m.

3.3. She studies at night.

3.4. He smokes heavily.

4. Timetables, fixed events, future schedules

4.1. The bus arrives every 15 minutes.

4.2. The plane doesn't arrive at 3 p.m.

4.3. When does our lesson start?

5. Events in books, movies, plays and sometimes in pictures( IF WE DON'T DEPICT AN ACTION.)

5.1. The hero saves the princess and marries her.

5.2. In this picture, her hair is dark brown.

6. To talk about future

6.1. I'll call you after I come home.

6.2. He is going to do his homework when he has time.

7. To talk about conditions, states, emotions, feelings, descriptions and etc. (STATIVE VERBS)

7.1. He is 20 years old.

7.2. I understand you, don't worry

7.3. I have two sisters.

7.4. They don't know the right answer.

7.5. She isn't at home.