IT Students Skills

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IT Students Skills by Mind Map: IT Students Skills

1. Skills

1.1. Coding

1.1.1. Game designers need to have strong written and communication skills, be very organized and work well within groups as well as individually

1.2. Communication

1.2.1. A detailed knowledge of current popular games and consoles is important for success in the video game design field.

1.3. Networks

1.3.1. Game designers need skills in geometry, probability and other types of mathematics that help calculate dimensions in design detail.

1.4. Time Management

1.4.1. A college education fine-tunes the game designer's artistic skills and techniques. Video game companies require a bachelor's degree in design or other related field (see Resources).

1.5. Programming

1.5.1. Basic skills in programming languages (such as C/C++) help designers understand game functionality. Knowing programming gives them an added edge to help guide the programmers on their teams to create the action/effects they want for the game.

2. Knowing What Works

2.1. An important skill is a solid knowledge of what makes a video game good or bad. It is also crucial that you understand how games are put together and work as a whole.