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food flavour by Mind Map: food flavour

1. what it is???

1.1. definition

1.1.1. property of food or beverage that cause simultaneous reaction of taste on the tounge and odour in the olfactory centre of the nose a collective sensory experience resulting from the combination of :- ------> FOUR BASIC TASTE ------>AROMA ------>PHYSICAL FACTORS

2. flavouring category

2.1. definition!!!

2.1.1. a compound with no intrinsic flavour of its own, but with the ability to enhance the perception of flavour

2.2. composed of what????

2.2.1. typically are PROTEINACEOUS substance composed of either ------> L-AMINO ACID THAT CONTAIN 5 CARBON -like MSG or of ------> PURINE RIBONUCLEOSIDE 5-MONOPHOSPHATES WITH 6-OXY GROUP-like SODIUM CHLORIDE

2.3. f(x)

2.3.1. INCREASING overall perception of flavour

2.3.2. IMPROVING the quality of a flavour

2.3.3. make FLAVOUR NICER

2.3.4. BRIGHTENING THE FLAVOUR-make it more distinct,pleasent and noticable

2.3.5. REINFORCE the character of the main flavour

2.3.6. IMPART taste/flavor of food

3. natural flavouring

3.1. source

3.1.1. herbs + spice herbs- aromatic plant-ex,basil mint,oregano,thyme spices-highly aromatic plants-ex, capsicum,cinamon naturally occuring (essential oil) non volatile constituent contribute to characteristic flavour New node

3.1.2. vanilla source??? extracted from cured vanilla bean-contian vanillin,major flavouring compound of vanilla,aromatic compound f(x) fruits/sweet flavor sweetness confectionary

3.1.3. fruit juice & concentration -after juice extraction by using mechanical pressing -water removed by distillation/filtration/freeze condition

3.2. everything not perfect right??? so....

3.2.1. DISADVANTAGE high cost source of raw material are usually seasonal & imported low intensity & impart large quantities must be used in product flavouri variation degree of ripeness at harvesting, changing during processing flavour profile -unwanted notes or an undesireable balance to the flavour profile -the extraction process select the material flavour required but other materials may be unavoidably extracted also

3.3. can we get it???? want to know?

3.3.1. distillation plant source ex: cirtus

3.3.2. extraction animal flavour, veg. flavours ex : beef,spices,mushroom

3.3.3. biotehnology fermentation, enzyme modification

3.3.4. concentration extract, ex: fruit juice

4. why use it???

4.1. to IMPART the characteristics flavor of the flavourings

4.1.1. vanillin gives flavour of vanilla to ice cream


4.2.1. vanillin-to modify the flavour of chocholate or cocoa

4.3. to MASK the original flavour

4.3.1. anise-to cover bitter medicinals

4.4. to COMPENSATE for the flavour dissipated during processing.

4.4.1. loss flavour due to heating while baking or the lack of the roast note in microwave cooking