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1. Search Engines

1.1. What is a search engine?

1.1.1. A search engine is a set of websites that allow you to search for information and collect information on a specific topic

1.1.2. You can search for Images Videos Any other forms of information

1.2. Google

1.3. Yahoo

1.4. Ask.com

1.5. Bing

2. Saving your Work

2.1. Know where you save your work to

2.1.1. image

2.2. Know what you name your work

2.3. Save your work often

2.3.1. Save your work every 5 minutes

2.3.2. Save your work every-time you leave the page

2.3.3. Save your work before you close the document

2.3.4. If you don't save your work you will lose any work done after the last time you saved it

3. Social Networking

3.1. What is social networking?

3.1.1. Websites that allow you to talk to people online

3.1.2. When using social media it's important that you don't accept any friend requests from people you don't know Image

3.1.3. Never tell anyone your password

3.2. Facebook

3.3. Twitter

3.4. Instagram

3.5. Snapchat

3.6. Messenger

4. Internet Saftey

4.1. Internet safety tips

4.2. Never tell anyone your password except Mum or Dad

4.3. Always log out

4.4. Don't give out personal information

4.4.1. Such as your name or address

4.5. Never send photos to strangers

4.6. Don't download anything without permission

4.7. Tell an adult if you see anything mean or a strange message