a mindmap about counselling (human resource management)

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Counselling by Mind Map: Counselling

1. Counselling Process

1.1. Relationship Building

1.2. Problem Assessment

1.3. Goal Setting

1.4. Counselling intervention

1.5. Evaluation, termination or referral

2. When is counselling needed?

2.1. when an employee faces personal or work-related issues that is affecting their job performance

2.1.1. example of personal issue: family problems

2.1.2. example of work-related issue: workplace bullying and harassment

3. Effectiveness of Counselling

3.1. an effective counselor can:

3.1.1. help pinpoint the obstacles in an individual's way

3.1.2. help identify negative thinking patterns that may be feeding feelings of sadness, depression or anxiety

3.1.3. assist an individual in making positive changes in their relationships with others

4. Who is suited to be a counsellor?

4.1. direct line managers

4.2. human resource managers

4.3. external agencies

5. Aims and importance of Counselling

5.1. provides emotional security and comfort

5.2. provides insight

5.3. generates self-awareness

5.4. facilitates confidence

5.5. understand an individual’s emotions

5.6. clear one's doubts and conflicts

6. Definition of Counselling

6.1. A method of understanding and helping people who have technical, personal and emotional or adjustment problems that usually has emotional contents.