The Internet: For Yr. 7

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The Internet: For Yr. 7 by Mind Map: The Internet: For Yr. 7

1. What is the internet?

1.1. BBC - WebWise - What is the internet?

1.1.1. Helps us find information This can be done by searching the web

1.1.2. It is wireless

2. URL

2.1. Uniform Resource Locator

3. WWW

3.1. World Wide Web

4. Search Engines

4.1. Examples

4.1.1. Google Google

4.1.2. Bing

4.1.3. Ecosia Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees

4.1.4. Internet Explorer

4.1.5. Firefox

4.1.6. Yahoo

4.1.7. Safari

4.2. Software that allows us to search for information

5. How to Search effectively on the Internet

5.1. How to Search the Internet More Effectively

6. Boolean Research method

6.1. NOT

6.2. OR

6.3. AND

7. An example of what the Internet is not:

7.1. The I.T. Crowd

7.1.1. Moss Introduces Jen To The Internet | The IT Crowd Series 3 Episode 4: The Internet

8. How to be a critical user of the web:

8.1. Be specific with searches

8.2. Use "Quotes" to look up specific phrases

8.3. Use Google to search within a cite

8.4. Use Advanced Search to further specify topic being researched

8.5. Choose words carefully, keep searches simple and concise

8.6. Websites with .gov, .org, .edu are usually trustable and reliable resources.

9. Being cyber safe

9.1. Cyber-bullying

9.1.1. Cyber Bullying is the use of technology and internet related resources to deliberately hurt or put down another individual

9.1.2. examples include: Impersonation, Threats and cyber stalking

9.2. Preventing cyber-bullying

9.2.1. Block them

9.2.2. Don't Instigate- Don't retaliate, they want you to add the fuel to their fire

9.2.3. Always log out- particularly on public computers

9.2.4. Don't become one- Don't become a cyber-bully yourself.