Types of computer

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Types of computer by Mind Map: Types of computer

1. Notebook

1.1. A laptop is a personal computer for traveling purposes, it is mainly used for traveling due to its light body weight. It is mainly used by computer employees.

1.2. eg. Macbook

2. Game Console

2.1. Game Console is a device that displays the game signal. it is also the activates the games and displays it on your TV screen, it is very popular amongst teenagers and adults.

2.2. eg. Xbox 360

3. Desktop PC

3.1. A desktop PC is a personal computer that it cannot be moved from the place where you located on it. It is not portable due to its size and weight but it store much more things than the laptop.

4. Laptop

4.1. eg. Mac, Windows,etc...

4.2. A laptop is a personal computer for traveling purposes, it is mainly used for travelling due to its light body weight.

5. Tablet PC

5.1. for eg iPad, Samsung galaxy note, LG optimus pad.

5.2. A tablet PC is a personal computer that is a tablet it is very mobile and portable. It could be used for various purposes. It can be a gaming device, a computer and music player, movie player etc...

6. Smart Phone

6.1. A smart phone has many functions, you could use a mini computer, it is a very powerful device. An iPhone is a very good example, it is probably the most powerful phone on the planet so far.

6.2. eg. iPhone, Galaxy S 3

7. Personal Digital Assistant

7.1. PDA is a mobile device that is used for personal information manger. it was very useful back in the day but now it has been replaced by iPod touches, smart phones etc.

8. Netbook

8.1. A note book is a much faster, lighter, and portable device than the laptop and the notebook. For e.g. the mac book air is very thin and light carry about.

8.2. eg.Macbook air

9. Super Computer

9.1. eg.Belle, Deep Blue, Hydra, etc...

9.2. A supercomputer is a computer at the front line of current processing capacity, particularly speed of calculation. It is extremely large and very useful.