learner centered learning

Student centered learning

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learner centered learning by Mind Map: learner centered learning

1. engagement

1.1. group work

1.1.1. collaboration

2. choices in subject for project

3. teacher is a facilitator

3.1. student takes charge of what they learn

3.1.1. student initiates

4. assessments

4.1. post

4.1.1. pre reflection

5. inquiry

6. curiosity

7. Mind Brain Education (MBE)

7.1. neuromyths

7.1.1. left brain vs right brain blank slate using only 10% of our brain

7.2. proper nutrition is important

7.2.1. need adequate sleep too much stress hinders learning

8. students inititate

9. active student learning strategies

9.1. group work

9.1.1. poster presentations think-pair-share independent project