Face Shape Guide for Glasses

How to determine your face shape and learn which Eyeglasses

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Face Shape Guide for Glasses by Mind Map: Face Shape Guide for Glasses

1. Oval Face Shape

1.1. Square Glasses

1.2. Rectangle Glasses

1.3. Aviator Glasses

1.4. Round Glasses

2. Round Face Shape

2.1. Rectangle Glasses

2.2. Cat eye Glasses

2.3. Wayfarer Glasses

2.4. Square Glasses

3. Heart face Shape

3.1. Wayfarer Glasses

3.2. Cat Eye Glasses

3.3. Oval Glasses

3.4. Clubmaster Glasses

4. Triangle Face Shape

4.1. Cat Eye Glasses

4.2. Clubmaster Glasses

5. Square Face Shape

5.1. Round Glasses

5.2. Oval Glasses

5.3. Cat Eye Glasses

6. Diamond Face Shape

6.1. Cat Eye Glasses

6.2. Oval Glasses

6.3. Clubmaster Glasses