The Internet

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The Internet by Mind Map: The Internet

1. 1.Search Engines

1.1. Kiddle

1.2. Kidrex

1.3. Kidzsearch

2. 2.Clarify

2.1. What are you looking for?

2.1.1. Find Keywords

2.1.2. Questions

3. 3.Search

3.1. Use keywords

3.2. Try your best with spelling

3.3. Dont worry about full stops, commas and explanation marks

3.4. Watch this video

4. 4.Discovering

4.1. Look past the top websites that pop up

4.2. Does your site look educational?

4.3. Does it end in .gov or .edu

5. Evaluate

5.1. Does this site have the same or similar information to other sites?

5.2. Do I understand the text?

5.3. Does it answer my question?

5.4. Is the information current?

6. Cite

6.1. Have you put the information into your own words?

6.2. Have you used more than one site?