Effective Searching

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Effective Searching by Mind Map: Effective Searching

1. Be Specific

1.1. Use words that are unique to what youre looking for

1.2. Only use key words

1.3. Underline key words in the question or piece of information that you are looking for

2. Find Similar Pages

2.1. Websites like google will offer pages that they deem similar to what you are using

2.2. Use this to find webpages that may have similar content to what you are searching for

2.3. This may provide you with a webpage very quickly without you having to spend lots of time trying to find it

2.4. You may not have found it on your own without using this tool

3. Find Exact Phrases

3.1. Use quotation marks around phrases that need to be found together to avoid changing the meaning of the search

3.2. This avoids the web browser picking up sites that have the words you searched, but with different meanings

3.3. Allows you to avoid spending lots of time filtering through irrelevant work

4. Customise Your Searches

4.1. Use "-" to minimise search

4.1.1. This source may be helpful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTJygQwYV84&t=36s

4.2. Use "*" to show relevant terms

5. Evaluate

5.1. Make sure the resources that you are using are appropriate

5.2. Make sure the resources that you are using are credible

5.3. Make sure the resources are coming from someone qualified to comment on the topic

6. Further Resources

6.1. This video may help!

6.1.1. The Internet: How Search Works