Entry Criteria - User Acceptance Testing (R1)

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Entry Criteria - User Acceptance Testing (R1) by Mind Map: Entry Criteria - User Acceptance Testing (R1)

1. Hardware & Applications

1.1. SOE laptops

1.2. Citrix for remote work

1.3. AWS for remote work

1.4. ALM installation and login

1.5. FIORI setup including Business Client 6.5

2. Reports for testing

2.1. Custom Reports based on Data Models

2.2. Self-serve reports

2.3. Standard SAP/Salesforce Reports

3. System Familiarisation

3.1. Basic SAP Navigation

3.2. ALM Test Execution and recording

3.3. Defect raising and retest

4. Logistics

4.1. Room and resources confirmed

4.2. Test Cases allocated in ALM

4.3. Test users created in the environment as per the Role Matrix

4.4. Test Schedule shared with UAT testers

5. Test Prep

5.1. UAT Test Plan approved

5.2. Test Scenarios identified

5.3. Test Cases Prepared and mapped back to RTM

5.4. Test Cases uploaded to ALM

5.5. Test cases reviewed and approved by Business

5.6. Test Data identified

6. Environment

6.1. Test Data set (MOC6 coversion) approved by Business

6.2. Test Data (MOC6 conversion) loaded in UAT Test Environment

6.3. Legacy and 3rd party apps integrated

6.4. Environment setup completed and Technical Verification Test (TVT) successful

6.5. Environment shakedown completed successfully

7. SIT Exit criteria met

7.1. No Open Severity 1 or 2 defects

7.2. Any Open Severity 3 or 4 defect has business approved workaround and a clear action plan

7.3. SIT execution completed with 100% test coverage (via RTM mapping)