How to search on the internet

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How to search on the internet by Mind Map: How to search on the internet

1. Be specific

1.1. use places

1.2. include national terminology

1.3. Avoid abreviations

2. Use quotations symbols around words

2.1. will allow you to look for a specific concept

2.2. will search in that order which can reduce the results that come up, enhancing your chance of finding a relavent site

3. Search within the webpage for words

3.1. press "cltrl+F" then type a word to search for a specific term on that webpage

3.2. helps to locate specific terms reducing time scanning for particular information

4. The Internet: How Search Works

4.1. Watch this video on how the internet is all connected!

5. Online Research: Tips for Effective Search Strategies

5.1. Watch this video to see some top tips for using the internet!