Law Of Tort

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Law Of Tort by Mind Map: Law Of Tort

1. Defination of Tort

1.1. wrongful act or omission

1.1.1. other than breach of contract

1.2. french for "infringement"/"wrongful conduct"

1.3. civil wrong committed against individual

2. interest protected by tort law

2.1. personal security

2.1.1. assult, betray, harassment, negligence

2.2. interests in property

2.2.1. nuisance,trespass,negligence

2.3. reputation and privacy

2.3.1. defamation and breach of confidence

2.4. economic interest

2.4.1. interference with trade or business

3. examples of tort

3.1. negligence

3.1.1. most important effect in business context essential elements

3.2. property

3.3. nuisance

3.4. defamation

3.5. intentional

3.6. statutory

3.7. economic

4. differences between contract & tort law

4.1. contract law

4.1.1. civil wrong commtted against individuals breach of terms in contract

4.1.2. privity of contract between plaintiff & defendant

4.1.3. breach of contractual terms

4.1.4. minors cannot enter contract / sue

4.1.5. remedies awarded under breach of contract damages injunction specific performance

4.2. tort law

4.2.1. civil wrong committed by defendant plaintiff interests are protected by law

4.2.2. no privity of contract injured party can be total stranger

4.2.3. tortfeasor could have committed any tort negligence,property,defamation tort

4.2.4. anyone including minors can sue

4.2.5. remedies awarded either damages paid by insurance company car accident, public liability injunction