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MMD home by Mind Map: MMD home

1. Daily Slot Savings

1.1. Add savings. Select the member paying the slot savings

1.1.1. Enter Amount Confirm the payment

1.2. Return savings. Select the member to return daily savings to. You can use this option to return the daily savings to the respective members before the group meeting starts

1.2.1. Enter amount Confirm the payment

2. Meeting

2.1. New Meeting. Here you can create a new meeting ready to record transactions

2.1.1. Attendance. Select the number you want to record attendance for Select attendance type and confirm

2.1.2. Money IN. For all transactions that will put money into the group funds during the meeting Welfare contribution. Select the member paying the contribution Fill out the welfare amount Repay loan. Select the member paying back the loan You will get a quick overview of the member's loan repayment Buy shares. Select the member buying the shares Select the number of shares or add custom number of shares (for first payment when a new cycle starts) Pay fine. Select the member to be fined Choose the type of fine Other income. For money that does not fall within the above categories, you can use this option to add it to the funds Confirm the payment

2.1.3. Money OUT. For all transactions that will take money outside the group funds during the meeting Welfare request. Select the member who will receive the payment Add the payment amount and choose the purpose of the payment Loan Request. Select the member to get the loan Get a quick review of last 3 loans by the member Cancel Shares. Select the member who wants to cancel shares Choose how many shares they want to cancel Other expenses. For expenses that do not fall within the above categories, you can use this option to add it to record it Enter amount and select the fund where the money should be taken from

3. Group

3.1. Members. All management functionalities for members are available here

3.1.1. Members Overview. Select member to view their records Scroll to view all individual member records within the cycle

3.1.2. Add member. Fill out the form with member information Select the role of the member you are adding When you complete the form and submit, the member will be added

3.1.3. Manage members. You can either edit existing members or delete them. You can only delete a member once their payout is calculated If you've selected to delete Member #1 for example, you'll be asked to select the benefits you want to pay. The amount will be automatically calculated. Confirm deletion

3.2. Funds. Here you will get the option to create a new fund and get a quick overview of balances

3.2.1. Select to create a fund that your group uses

3.3. Group Info. Add information related to your group in this form

3.4. Settings

3.4.1. Select your country's currency

3.4.2. Loan. Choose loan duration and whether and whether interest or service charge applies on the loan

3.4.3. Fines. You can create the fines that apply to your group and also review/edit fine information here Form to create new fine

3.4.4. Group Cycle. Select the timeframe that your group uses

3.4.5. Share value. Fill out the price of one share in your group