"Americanism" Created by: Alaina Portlock

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"Americanism" Created by: Alaina Portlock by Mind Map: "Americanism" Created by: Alaina Portlock

1. Internal: Nymeria is trying to keep a cold exterior, but her exterior tends to crack with underlined emotions.

1.1. Grief, empathy, betrayal, disgust, love, appalled, concerned, angry, and hurt that she failed her son and her country.

1.2. She supports her country and the humanity of this nation, Nymeria will relentlessly fight for the "people". She commits to un-remorsefully seek the truth, through diminishing and breaking terrorists.

1.3. Beliefs: She is believes in bring justice to the injustice, (terrorists are not human to her and they shouldn't be treated as people.)

2. The monologue is about a women named Nymeria, who is interrogating a terroist.

2.1. This scene is the equivalent to losing a son.

2.2. He went against the morals she instilled in him, the attack inflicted by him doesn't seem to align with who her son.

3. External: She wears glasses, formal attire, and she always carries a pencil and sticky notes with her to jot down her thoughts and observations.

3.1. Prolonged eye contact with a wide glassy stare, biting bottom lip, mouth pursed.

3.2. Hand frequently shakes so she preoccupies herself with keeping her hands busy, eyes dart when overwhelmed and brows furrowed.

4. Objective: She is trying to find the cause of the attack.

5. Obstacle: She is fighting herself : A battle between "Duty" and being a "Mother"

6. Environment: Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, located in Cuba. It's a U.S. Naval Base- a United States Military Prison.

7. Given Circumstances: This is taking place in the late 2000's, She is asking the terrorist on how he executed the attack and the reasoning behind it.

7.1. However, this is her son she can't break him down like she does the other terrorists. She can't look at him like one, because at the end of the day that's her baby boy.

7.2. She takes pride in protecting her country, but she loves her son deeply. She usually without any hesitation harshly interrogate prisoners as she manifest animosity and hatred through uncovering the truth.

8. Plot Twist: The terrorist she is interrogating is actually her son.

8.1. Analogy: "Over my dead body"- is used as she pleads for his humanity, as she coveys to him that it could've been her caught in the attack.

8.2. Analogy: "Over my dead body"-is used as she recalls a testimony/statement of what the terrorist said during the attack.

8.3. Symbolism: His terror act wasn't going against this country, but it represented this country.