Current Teaching Practices

EDUC6712 Module 2 Discussion Board

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Current Teaching Practices by Mind Map: Current Teaching Practices

1. Independent Practices

1.1. Draw images from textbook related to software command independently.

1.2. Complete incomplete drawings I provide using the specific command.

1.3. Create a PowerPoint discuss the specific command.

2. Bell-Ringers

2.1. Student receives a small slip at the door

2.1.1. Questions related to yesterday's activity/lesson.

2.1.2. Questions related to today's activity/lesson. What do you already know about the topic? Have you ever experience or seen _____ ?

2.1.3. Multiple choice, Short Answer, Fill-in-the-blank.

2.2. 5 to 10 minutes

3. Guided Practices

3.1. Teacher will demonstrate a specific command on the software.

3.1.1. Students will follow my step by step procedure

3.2. Teacher will give written instructions how to perform a command on the software

3.3. Teacher will provide a step by step video about the command for the students to follow.

3.3.1. Videos are created using Camtasia by TechSmith Co.

3.3.2. Includes audio (my voice)

3.3.3. Includes the interface of the program

3.3.4. Added text overlay for tips and suggestions.

4. Assessments

4.1. Summative

4.1.1. SchoolNet by Pearson Multiple Choice Questions provided by the NC CTE department. Bloom's Taxonomy Knowledge Application

4.2. Formative



4.2.3. Bell Ringers

4.2.4. IR Clickers

5. Homework

5.1. FlipGrid App

5.1.1. I post a topic related to current subject

5.1.2. Student use their smart devices and record a video response to the topic.

5.1.3. Student must respond to 3 peers in the class.

5.2. Worksheet

5.2.1. Continued practice on the concepts learned in class.

5.3. EduBlog Post

5.3.1. Reply to a topic I post on the Blog. Topics vary from previous to current lessons Current Events Free-Write

6. Collaborations with another class in the building

6.1. Microsoft Teams

6.1.1. SharePoint for file sharing

6.1.2. Chat rooms for two-way communication.

6.1.3. OneNote for reflection/journal

6.2. Ms. Page Engineering Technology Class

6.2.1. Provide lots of hand-drawings and sketches.

6.2.2. Similar curriculum objectives.

6.2.3. Provide traditional methods of Drafting. My curriculum has remove this.

7. Field Trips

7.1. Visit Local Manufacturers

7.2. The Forge of Greensboro

7.2.1. Local MakerSpace

8. WordWall

8.1. All software commands discussed in the curriculum.

8.1.1. Software Icon

8.2. Drafting Related Vocabulary Terms

9. Technology Devices

9.1. Document Camera

9.1.1. Display my sketches to entire class from my desk.

9.2. 3D Printer

9.2.1. Provide prototypes of the students designs.

10. End of the Semester Project

10.1. Demonstrate all objectives in the course

10.2. Innovative

10.3. Microsoft Project

10.3.1. Create a timeline/benchmarks for project

10.3.2. Collaborate with peers

10.3.3. Log their progress.

10.4. Engineering Problem Solving Process

10.5. Must create a prototype of their design.

10.6. Technical Writing Skills

10.6.1. Must prepare a user manual Introduction How to assemble How to disassemble How to operate FAQs Warranty / Quality Assurance Graphic Rendering of their design.

10.7. Microsoft OneNote

10.7.1. Daily/weekly Journal

11. Certifications


11.1.1. 5 Exams

11.2. Industry Recognized

11.3. End of the Year

11.4. G-Metrix

11.4.1. Practice Test

11.5. Site License

11.5.1. Allowed Test 500 occurrences in 365 days

12. Define

12.1. Challenge the assumptions and gather facts from students.

13. Discover

13.1. Taking Notes and background information

14. Dream

14.1. Exploring possibilities with hands-on activities.

15. Design

16. Deliever

17. Debrief

17.1. Reflection on the objective.

18. Essential Questions

18.1. I Can ... Statement written on the board.

19. Guest Speakers

19.1. Technical Schools Recruiters

19.1.1. ECPI

19.1.2. UTI

19.1.3. The Arts Institutes

19.2. Industry Person in Drafting Career Field

19.3. Former Students in College or Graduated in Drafting Career field.

20. Alternative Strategies

20.1. DESIGN

20.1.1. Mind maps

20.1.2. Story Boards

20.1.3. Sketches of the objective


20.2.1. Peer Review Use Wiki Page Student Website Help provide feedback

20.2.2. Product Testing