I as a team member (Based on Belbin Test Result)

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I as a team member (Based on Belbin Test Result) by Mind Map: I as a team member (Based on Belbin Test Result)

1. CO Co-ordinator

1.1. Always place myself in different positions to orient and assess practical ability.

1.2. The best way to gather information, opinion from the majority is to use many types of questions such as hypothetical questions, improved questions.

1.3. Start work through 3 simple questions

1.3.1. What should be eliminated?

1.3.2. What should be added?

1.3.3. What should be corrected?

1.4. List each opinion by bullet point or use different types of diagrams.

1.5. Sometimes, it is hard to organize and communicate with others.

2. TW Team Worker

2.1. It is important to be aware of the goals of the whole organization instead of focusing on the views of individuals and working together to achieve common goals.

2.2. Clear orientation and unity of mission and purpose

2.3. Communicate open, honest and respectful. Members are free to express their thoughts, ideas and potential solutions to solve the problem.

2.4. Help teamwork become fair and convenient.

2.5. Do not let dissenting opinions affect the results of team work.

2.6. Linking the group into a unified unit, the team needs to work on a common platform.

2.7. Encourage creativity, innovation and different perspectives. Critical words should not be used