The future of intermediation.


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The future of intermediation. by Mind Map: The future of intermediation.

1. Organizations and companies are transforming businesses and activity sectors globally and consolidating a new digital economy with unprecedented social and economic implications

2. Digital is a laboratory that allows brands to try out, test and try new things

3. Trends in tourism products and services

4. Mediators Advertising with international diffusion

5. Impacts of Technology

6. • • Expedia • Tripadvisor • Travelocity • • Ctrip •

7. TIC, GDS (Global Distribution System) GPS Y CRS, (Computer Reservatios System) Apps OTAS

7.1. •

8. INNOVATION Digital assistants Responsive design in OCH Social video streaming

9. EVOLUCIÓN Social media 2.0 Multichannel Data Y Analytcs Mesaging apps

10. REVOLUTION Augmented reality / virtual reality Wearables Mobile experiences and other devices Mobilegeddon Privacy & Security