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WooCommerce: Nature - Nurture - Culture by Mind Map: WooCommerce: Nature - Nurture - Culture

1. Home

1.1. under the umbrella of inflammation

1.1.1. treatment

1.1.2. prevention

2. topic pages

2.1. tumor

2.2. allergy

2.3. moving / workouts / fitness / atheltics

2.4. recovery

3. offers

3.1. codes

3.2. promotions

4. variable themes

4.1. slider: biestmilch in context

5. core intro messages

5.1. For some people, the pathway to death is a disease process, while for others it is an aging process. The aim should be for us to die of old age.

5.2. Inflammation is always with us in sickness and in health

5.3. we still tend to focus solely on the immune system when illness strikes, rather than on the interplay of all three systems, the nervous and immune system and not less essential the hormones und myriads of cross system messenger molecules.

6. entry 1: preventing is acting ahead of time

6.1. How long we live depends on how we live our lives Lifestyle determines inflammation processes. Inflammation keeps us warm and cosy.

6.2. Prevention increases the likelihood of dying of old age.
 Prevention is a lifestyle choice, rather than preventative medicine.

6.3. prevention is lifestyle

7. entry 2: treating is running after time

7.1. treating by changing the lifestyle

8. realization

8.1. intro banner: BIESTMILCH FOOD

8.2. slider: preventing the chronic

8.2.1. treating the chronic core mechanism of action: inflammation control and balance The figures tell us, it's high time for action. 124 Millions of 240 Millions Americans are chronically sick.

9. shop

9.1. categories

9.1.1. prevention flu/viral infections jet lag - long car drives, buffer your fatigue everyday balance against all odds: diabetic physiology - insulin resistance - metabolic dysfunction (metabolic stability pack what's more convenient for you, chews or caps? take a chewable instead of a candy, and prevent insulin resistance - stop walking down the diabetes path

9.1.2. complimentary treatment speed up getting back from an acute illness: xxl caps / booster medium test and feel (chews, booster medicine chest supply: biest booster medium infection control / family pack (xxl chews, booster medium) be it recovering from infections of all kinds from head cold to the intestinal bug or any other healing process: re-balance, take over control alleviate the symptoms of a chronic conditions allergy, a chronic inflammatory condition: improve control and balance with Biestmilch bowel issues tumors metabolic dysfunctions Try and make your choice: chews or caps balance out your chronic tilt: xxl chewables, biest booster medium

9.1.3. workout balance in training: xxl chewables, biest booster medium recovery tapering support season peak race peak balance racing pure low carb tuning body perception


9.1.5. Chewable Tablets chewables 30 chewables XXL chewables 2x XXL

9.1.6. Capsules capsules 90 capsules XXL capsules 2x XXL

9.1.7. knowledge base elixier buch tumor body perception protocol