Searching Effectively

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Searching Effectively by Mind Map: Searching Effectively

1. Searching Internet Researches

1.1. Using Google Advanced Search

1.2. Search Engines for Kids

1.2.1. Kiddle - visual search engine for kids

1.2.2. Home - Safe Search Kids

1.2.3. KidRex - Kid Safe Search Engine - Now powered by

1.3. Lesson Plans – Search Education – Google

1.4. The Internet: How Search Works

1.5. How Search Works

1.6. Plan Search First

1.7. Use Quotes to Locate A Specific Phrase e.g. using quotation marks

2. Evaluating Resources

2.1. We need to teach our students to be critical

2.2. Use fake websites to help tech our students to be critical

2.3. Trust It or Trash It?