Inclusion in My Contest

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Inclusion in My Contest by Mind Map: Inclusion in My Contest

1. Students

1.1. Students with specific learning difficulties, including; dyslexia, Visual Perception Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder and ASD.

1.2. SN student; One totally Blind Student

1.3. ESL students and who have a bad education background

1.4. Students with social, emotional and behavioral problems

2. Barriers

2.1. Some General Education teachers don't consider themselves teachers for all students.

2.1.1. The collaboration to add to the individual plan is limited

2.2. Parents' denial of their sons' or daughters' difficulties.

2.3. The Stereotype that the General Education Teacher is more qualified and professional than the Learning Support Teacher

2.3.1. Lack of Professional Learning Support Teachers

2.4. Limited budget to hire more qualified teachers.

3. Responsibilites

3.1. School Board

3.1.1. Add the inclusion and the differentiation in the general education teachers' evaluation criteria.

3.1.2. organisation

3.2. Learning Support Professionals

3.3. Parents

3.3.1. They must be more involved in the inclusion process

3.3.2. They should be more realistic when diagnosing their sons.

3.3.3. They should be more aware of their sons' and daughters' strengths and weaknesses

3.4. Students

3.4.1. They should be responsible of their own learning.

3.5. General Education Teachers

3.5.1. They should respect diversity

3.5.2. They should differentiate the teaching process according to the students' abilities, learning styles and perceptions.

3.5.3. Considering the fact that sometimes a bad behavior is a mean to say I can't