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Horizontals by Mind Map: Horizontals

1. Communication

1.1. Good communication to the employees

1.2. Clear evacuation plan

1.3. Not all details are communicated to customers

1.4. Only one evacuation plan available

2. Motivation & incentives HRM

2.1. No prevention advisor

3. Change management

3.1. Currently no desire to change. Store has been renewed and no emergency has taken place

3.2. Needs to come from headquarters, can take a long time

4. Complaint management

4.1. Headquarters are receptive to complaints of manager

4.2. Management is open to improvement. Addressability is high for internal partners & employees

4.3. No complaint management system present

5. Risk management

5.1. Neglecting fire risk due to low probability

6. Economic cost-benefit analysis

6.1. Benefits of improving the fire safety exceed the costs of these improvements. Action must be taken