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GMOs/GE by Mind Map: GMOs/GE

1. Economic Sustainability

1.1. resistant crops

1.1.1. pesticide manual pollination jobs

1.1.2. herbicide

1.1.3. fungicide

1.2. productive crops

1.2.1. food waste

1.2.2. food security poverty/homeless

1.2.3. world hunger

1.2.4. other uses for crops science technology health/beauty art new industries jobs new market

1.2.5. cheaper food

2. Environmental Sustainability

2.1. sterile plants

2.1.1. invasive plants competition health of ecosystem

2.2. productive crops

2.2.1. food waste landfills climate change food packaging plastic compost worms/insects healthy soil

2.3. resistant crops

2.3.1. no chemicals pesticide insect health honeybees/pollinators herbicide cross-pollination weeds fungicide mycorrhizae chemical runoff clean water bodies of water

3. Social Sustainability

3.1. cheaper food

3.1.1. food security poverty/homeless food stamps food bank soup kitchen

3.1.2. grocery store competition

3.1.3. farmworker wages

3.2. controversial

3.2.1. safe? human consumption health problems? animal consumption animal studies

3.2.2. natural? GMO vs. GE religion

3.2.3. organic? inclusion in organic

3.2.4. GE is relatively new fear of unknown long-term studies

3.2.5. impact on environment