"Top 10 Best Countries To Live In The World In 2019"

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"Top 10 Best Countries To Live In The World In 2019" by Mind Map: "Top 10 Best Countries To Live In The World In 2019"

1. norway

1.1. it is identified by its mountainous terrain, its bays and its beautiful islands

1.1.1. norway has excellent education and its security is pretty good.

2. canada

2.1. has a good satisfaction rate based on life

2.1.1. education is free and life is peaceful

3. australia

3.1. he has good participation in sports and an excellent academic level

3.1.1. his unemployment rate is low and he lacks more professionals

4. japan

4.1. It is unusual to find garbage in the streets or foul odors in Japan.

4.1.1. It is known worldwide for its traditional arts

5. switzerland

5.1. has beautiful landscapes to enjoy

5.1.1. Switzerland is reputed to be a very safe place

6. germany

6.1. is one of the most importing and exporting countries in the world

6.1.1. it also has a good economy and little corruption

7. the united kingdom

7.1. It has great political, scientific and cultural influence

7.1.1. Here we can find good universities, hospitals and a good economy

8. sweden

8.1. has free education, a good life for the future of young people

8.1.1. their landscapes are beautiful and peaceful

9. the united states

9.1. dominates military and economic level

9.1.1. are the most technologically powerful, was formed by large waves of immigrants from Europe and other places.

10. new zealand

10.1. it is a place with a very pleasant climate, a great culture, good health and education

10.1.1. It is a place with spaces where you can ride horses, swim and enjoy the great beaches.