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Module 1 by Mind Map: Module 1

1. "Salvages"

1.1. Definition: The act of saving goods or property from damage or destruction.

1.2. In "John Smith" the native people were thought to be salvages, as he names them.

1.3. "Sixe or seuen weekes those Barbarians kept him prisoner, many strange triumphes and coniurations they made of him, yet hee so demeaned himselfe a∣mongst them, as he not onely diverted them from surprising the Fort, but procu∣red his owne libertie, and got himselfe and his company such estimation amongst them, that those Salvages admired him more then their owne Quiyouckosucks. The manner how they vsed and deliuered him"

2. Powhatan

2.1. Estimated he ruled between 13,000 and 34,000 people among several tribes.

2.2. Relationship with English:

2.2.1. Ambivalent at first often trading with and attempting to use them as allies against enemies.

2.2.2. Powhatan believed they could be starved into submission.

2.2.3. Attacked anyone who left Jamestown fort, killing 80%

2.2.4. Pocahontas married an English man which smoothed tensions.

3. The Virginia Company

3.1. Joint-stock venture

3.2. Aim was to discover profitable raw materials.

3.3. Mortality rate raised in Jamestown, financial support withdrew.

3.4. Supports argued for the conversion of Indians to Christianity.

3.5. Indian Massacre of 1622, King James I revoked charter and took under royal control.

3.6. Directives to hide the sick and deceased to maintain a powerful image against the native people.