Brexit's impact on british cinema

Mindmap de Camille, Loïc, Mathieu

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Brexit's impact on british cinema by Mind Map: Brexit's impact on british cinema

1. Consequences

1.1. Positive points

1.1.1. Some aspects unchanged

1.1.2. Better for cultur, entertainment and cost

1.1.3. Film trearty has been conclued with China India and France

1.1.4. Some Euopean partnerships maintained

1.2. Negative points

1.2.1. Makes people poorer: revenu is raw

1.2.2. Brexit is distressing and depressing

1.2.3. Some fund will no longer be allocated

1.2.4. If situation doesn't improve British employees will go elswhere

2. Solutions

2.1. Tax-relief to attract filmmakers

3. History

3.1. Story of Brexit glogster brexit and british cinema : text, images, music, video | Glogster EDU - Interactive multimedia posters

3.2. A succes so far: netflix, amazon

3.3. Center of film Indusry/ One of the most innovative

3.4. Multiplies productions expenses x2

4. Problems

4.1. Caricature: Why you will never have to adapt Brexit to cinema

4.2. Fiancial

4.3. Social, need a visa

5. Causes

5.1. Impact on free trade

6. Critics

6.1. Poorly seen by Hollywood

6.2. Is badly seen by british people: create a division Brexit : Près d'un million de britannique dans les rues de Londres samedi

7. Quizlet: