The Understanding Map-LATHA KARRI

Understanding Map

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The Understanding Map-LATHA KARRI by Mind Map: The Understanding Map-LATHA KARRI

1. 1.What do you see here(different viewpoints)

2. 2.Is it seen in any other part in our body ? where ?(wondering)

3. 3.The heart in order pump blood uniformly requires the following valves(build explanation)

4. 4.Do you assume that blood flows on its own in the body ?Is blood flowing in directions ?(conclusions)

5. 5.What makes out heart so organized ?(Uncovering the complexity)

6. 6.In your earlier classes you have learnt about the heart beat/average 72 beats/min(making connections)

7. 7.Why do we get heart attacks?(reasons with evidence)

8. The blood vessels carrying blood.

9. 8.Heart is a very vital part of the body(See and notice)