what are some issues that affect your community,school or family

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what are some issues that affect your community,school or family by Mind Map: what are some issues that affect your community,school or family

1. disabilities

2. child poverty

3. health care

4. robberies theft

5. climate change

6. Homelessness: is when people don't have a job or any money. all homeless people don't have a home (it says in the name homeLESS ). except for people who lie and say they are homeless just to get free money. many homeless people have very bad health conditions. some homeless people are drug or alcohol addicts and cant get back on their feet. many homeless people don't end up with a happy life if they don't get medical attention, food or a place to stay. homeless people usually don't have any family or friends to help them. homelessness is more popular in downtown toronto comparedpard to your local neighborhood.

6.1. what are some programs made by the government that help homeless? and what do they do for the homeless?

6.1.1. homeless shelters. homeless shelters give a homeless person somewhere to sleep and they are given food for a few days. job training. job training is when a homeless person learns how to be polite and learns about what job they want. Food Banks and Food Donations. Food Banks and Food Donations get foods in cans and more stuff and give them to the homeless.

6.2. what are the very BIGGEST problems homeless have to go through year round?

6.2.1. some of the biggest problems that homeless people have to go through are health or money related. many homeless people can have infections

6.3. why would homeless people use their money to by drugs or alcohol instead of food or clean clothing?

6.3.1. some homeless people are alcoholics so they rather use alcohol. they might be a drug addict which is very similar to a alcoholic. also they might want to numb the pain and alcoholics like being numb and don't feel upset. that's why most people are alcoholics (to numb the pain)

6.4. what are problems that homeless people have to go through everyday?

6.5. what can canadian citizens do to help out homeless people?

6.5.1. aa

6.6. what are the biggest reasons people became homeless?

6.6.1. many reasons of becoming homeless can be being fired and could make them go into a downward spiral. and hitting rock bottom by becoming homeless. other reasons is being raised in a poor family and being homeless as a child. it is very hard to turn around your life if you grew up in a poor family.

6.7. why are some homeless people aggressive?

6.7.1. many homeless people can be on drugs or alcohol this can make them aggressive and have a negative impacted on other people. in my opinion i think the homeless person might think people like me and you are selfish and greedy. because we did not give him money.

6.8. is being mentally ill why some people are homeless?

6.8.1. being mentally ill can lead to homeless and is a cause. being mentally ill is when people cant understand most things and it is uncontrollable. many people who are mentally ill scare other people and are aggressive. people who are mentally ill man ly end up in a very sad life and homelessness.