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Issues by Mind Map: Issues

1. Child Poverty

2. Disabilities: Disabilities is a big issue all over the world. It can affect different people in different ways. Some examples of disabilities are OCD, Down syndrome, Autism, and encephalitis. Disabilities are more of a provincial issue. The premier of, Ontario Doug Ford has spent as big a number like 10 billion dollars to help people with disabilities. Some things to help people with disabilities in Toronto are wheel-trans buses which are buses that are accessible. Another thing is that there is At the Jays game they provide free wheel-chair services. I think that the government should do a lot more for people with disabilities. I have a broken leg and in my school and it is quite hard to move around. I think the government could make more accessible schools for kids with disabilities.

2.1. What are some disabilities that can affect you?

2.1.1. OCD, Down Syndrome, Autism, Encephalitis.

2.2. What could you do to help someone with disabilities?

2.2.1. You could call the police and get them to help the victim.

2.3. How can disabilities affect humans?

2.3.1. Some disabilities affect humans visually like they could have a deformed face of not have a part of their body.

2.4. What disabilities are life threatening?

2.4.1. Children with Rett syndrome can live to be 40, 50, or even older but it is very rare for them to live older that 40 or 50.

2.5. What are some disabilities that affect the human body?

2.5.1. Parkinson's Disease can affect the upper body. It could affect your... hands, arms, head, and larynx.

2.6. What has the government done to help people with disabilities?

2.6.1. The government has added lots of wheel trans busses for people with disabilities. There are also free wheel-chair services at a lot of sporting events.

2.7. What are some problems that people with disabilities have in their every day life?

2.7.1. Some problems that people with disabilities have in their everyday life

2.8. Are some types of disabilities contagious?

2.8.1. Most disabilities are not contagious but occasionally they can be contagious.

3. Migrant Workers

4. Climate Change

5. Indigenous Women Getting kidnapped

6. Health Care

7. Cuts Hurt Kids

8. Immigration