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Issues by Mind Map: Issues

1. Disabilities

2. Cuts Hurts Kids

3. Child Poverty

4. Climate Change

5. Healthcare

6. Not Enough Doctors: It means that people might have to wait longer to see a specialist. Also, some people might not have a regular doctor who knows them, and their medical and personal history. Some people might think that their problem is not important enough to see the doctor because they don’t want to wait for a long time. Then they can’t get the help they need, which could make them feel sad, or make them feel like they aren’t important.

6.1. Why are there not enough doctors?

6.1.1. The problem isn't that there aren't enough doctors, there are a lot of doctors, the problem is that not many of them want to be family physicians.

6.2. Where are the most doctors?

6.3. Where are the least doctors?

6.4. Do we need more Medical Education spots?

6.5. What types of doctors do we need?

6.6. Do we need to make people want to become doctors more?

6.7. Are doctors leaving Canada?

6.8. Are doctors retiring earlier?

6.9. What has/is the government doing to try to help this issue, is it helping or not?

7. Robberies And Theft

8. Indigenous Peoples