government issues

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government issues by Mind Map: government issues

1. robbery / theft

2. indigenous kidnapping

3. climate change

3.1. why is the government fighting with indigenous people if its their land?

3.2. why don't people stop throwing garbage on the ground?

3.3. how can we reduce climate change as an individual?

3.4. how can we reduce climate change as the government

4. cuts hurt kids means Doug Ford in cutting a large number of teachers and schools. Doug Ford is also making kids go into 1 whole class. Doug Ford thinks this will helps the government save money. but if kids that don't get help in class they might not pass or get a good job when they get older.

4.1. what does the green party think of this

4.1.1. Justin Trudeau will introduce a new Teacher and Early Childhood Educator School Supply Tax Benefit for teachers to access for school supplies and other stuff.

4.2. what does the federal government think of doug ford cutting kids from schools?

4.2.1. justin trudeau thinks its a bad idea to cut kids because he's also concerned as a father with children in the province's schools.

4.3. in perspective what are the advantages for the government?

4.3.1. they are saving money

4.4. why doug ford adding kids from all grades into 1 class?

4.4.1. he said to try to save money

4.5. in perspective what are the disadvantages?

4.5.1. a lot of kids won't learn any education since doug ford is cutting education

4.6. how much money did the government save from cutting children

4.6.1. the government will save 1 billion dollars and $12.5 billion to go.

4.7. how do you think about teachers getting fired?

4.7.1. i think they are really mad at doug ford and they are sad because they mite really like their job.

4.8. do you think doug ford is getting a bit worried about his actions on the media

4.8.1. yes i think doug ford is getting worried about his actions because on the media there is a lot of people who are saying bad stuff about him so he will not get voted again in 4 years.

4.9. what did kids in ontario do about doug ford cutting people

4.9.1. kids who heard about doug ford cutting schools they made a plan and a lot of kids from ontario didn't go to school for a whole day.

5. disabileties