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My health profile by Mind Map: My health profile

1. What do you like to eat ?

2. What drink do you like ?

3. Do you like vegetables ?

4. Are you picky eater ?

5. What foods do you hate?

6. what food do you prefer ?

7. are you can cook ?

8. Do you eat a lot of junk food ?

9. Yes, I can cook. I love doing it.

10. I like to eat everything, but I prefer to eat healthy.

11. Well, I like to drink a lot of natural juices.

12. Yes I do, I prefer to eat vegetables at night.

13. No, I'm not, I like to eat everything.

14. Well, I hate eating pacaya.

15. I prefer to eat seafood, I love seafood.

16. No, I do not eat a lot of junk food, I prefer to eat little.

17. Yes, I am always drinking water, I love to drink water.