classroom management


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classroom management by Mind Map: classroom management

1. Is the way in which the teacher works inside the classroom, but the teacher has to considers some aspects:

2. Separate tables: some students always sit with those who get along, it´s more difficult for the teacher to explaing because the students are more talkative.

3. Circles and horseshoes: It is easier for the teacher to see the students, and the students see themselves, when the students share an opinion their classmate can see him.

4. Orderly rows: The teacher can see easi the students and he can walk in the meddle of the each line.

5. Proximity: In this one the teacher has to know how close he/she should be, so as not to bother the students.

6. Appropiacy: the teacher must sit correctly, so as not to deconcentrate the students.

7. Awareness: The teacher has to be flexible enough to respond the questions` students.

8. Movement: The teacher has to move in the whole classroom, so as not to bore the students.

9. Using the voice

10. Audibility: The tone of a teacher's voice should be clear and strong so that all students can hear it.

11. Variety: the tone of a teacher's voice must be different, because he can not speak loudly when the students are doing an activity, because they can stop doing the activity

12. Conservation: The teacher must be careful about the tone of his voice, because if he talks too loud he can damage his throat.

13. Talking with the students is one of the most important characteristics because that is how he can know what the student has and looks for a way to solve the problem.

14. Different seating arrangements: