Learning Strategies

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Learning Strategies by Mind Map: Learning Strategies

1. Recognize and Act on Promptings from the Holy Ghost

2. Make Your Brain Work Hard

3. Use Distributed Learning

4. Create Clues

5. Learn to Ask Good Questions

6. Teach to Learn

7. Light of Christ

8. the Holy Ghost and the Spirit of Revelation

9. Holy Ghost help you in your efforts

10. Forget to Learn

11. Use Active Learning Techniques

12. illusion of learning

13. apply your learning in your everyday life

14. space out your learning

15. review it often,practice it daily

16. varying your study habits

17. create a reminder

18. eliminate bad distractions

19. foundation of all learning

20. ask inspired questions

21. probe deeper into a topic and find relevance

22. invites the Spirit

23. helps you discover areas of misunderstanding

24. Teaching is an active learning process