The Internet and Effective Searching

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The Internet and Effective Searching by Mind Map: The Internet and Effective Searching

1. Searching Internet Resources

1.1. use google advanced search

1.2. search engines for kids

1.2.1. Kid Rex

1.2.2. Kiddle Kiddle

1.2.3. Kid's Search

1.3. Google Search Education

1.4. How does Google Search work?

1.5. Remember! The internet is changing constantly meaning that something you find one week may be gone or completely changed the next!

2. Evaluating Resources

2.1. Remember to be critical when searching and evaluating resources!

2.2. Google Technology : fake website so remember to teach to students to be critical of websites

2.3. Trust It or Trash It? Good Scaffolding to give to students in being critical of websites

2.4. Remember! Use many different search engines and resources to confirm your information!