First Peoples Health: effects of the stolen generation

Reflection on First Peoples Health determinants

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First Peoples Health: effects of the stolen generation by Mind Map: First Peoples Health: effects of the stolen generation

1. Cultural Self and Health Care

1.1. worlds view

1.2. what do I think is important

1.3. self realisation, who am I

1.4. my beliefs, values and attitudes

1.4.1. raised country town, religious

1.5. not everyone knows who they are

2. White Privilege

2.1. touchy subject

2.2. having it unknowingly

2.3. my education

2.4. my opportunities

2.5. what can i do that others can/ don't due to race

2.6. using my privledge

2.7. should I be ashamed or doing more?

2.8. how do other Australians see race

2.9. I know my family and identity and where I belong unlike the stolen generation

3. Australia's Health Care System

3.1. I've never had problems seeing a doctor

3.2. didn't occur to me that some people don't want to see a doctor

3.3. First Peoples scared to take their children to the doctor

3.4. what does First Peoples health really mean

3.4.1. familys health

3.4.2. putting their community before their health

3.4.3. not just physical but mental health too

3.4.4. social emotional well being of individual and their community

3.5. what type of care is offered

3.5.1. health status of First Peoples

3.5.2. ACCHS cost trust accessibility for rural towns

3.6. why is the life expectancy lower

3.6.1. stress

3.6.2. worry

3.6.3. fear

3.6.4. diet/ lifestyle

3.7. an individuals health is the whole community health

4. Racism and Anti Racism in Healthcare

4.1. education

4.2. racism a determinant of health

4.3. racism linked to poor health

4.3.1. depression

4.3.2. distress

4.3.3. substance abuse

4.4. responses to racism effect on health