Tobi Gettings Character Strengths

Charcter strengths important within an acting career, and why.

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Tobi Gettings Character Strengths by Mind Map: Tobi Gettings Character Strengths

1. Gratitude

1.1. Being aware of and thankful for the good things that happen within my chosen career such as movie roles big and small. As well as being thankful for my family, friends for supporting me and my fans because they are what make me so successful.

2. Kindness

2.1. By having such a big social platform and a good paying job I would be able to reach out to those who need help. I could promote and expose the harm happening in countries around the world and the effects on animals and the environment. Doing favors and good deeds for others such as donating my money to charities and volunteering to helping people/taking care of them.

3. Appreciation of beauty

3.1. Being an actor appreciating beauty in a physical, personal, emotional and artistic way is important. Noticing and appreciating beauty, excellence, and/or skilled performance in various domains of life, whether they are performed, created or designed by myself or other artists. Not only is it important to congratulate other by also to appreciate nature.

4. Perseverance

4.1. Finishing what I start is apart of perseverance which is an important attribute when being an actor or in any job. I could come in contact with an obstacle such as lack of job opportunities in Adelaide or not being able to deliver a line to the best of my abilities, however by persevering I will complete the task.

5. Leadership

5.1. Once again from having such a wide social platform I would be able to encouraging a group of people to get things done the right way in the world. While taking initiative to be myself all the time and keeping in contact with friends to maintain good relations. I must also take it upon myself to keep track of my days and schedule to make sure things get done.