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claymore by Mind Map: claymore
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here is everything about techniques used in this universe



about, list of all techniques, template, technique, original wielder, other wielders, specs, more info


Windcutter, original wielder, Flora, other wielders, Clare, more info

Yoki Sensing, Original wielder, Teresa, Other wielders, Clare, The ability to read flow of Yoki in opponent's body to predict their movements.

Phantom Mirage, original wielder, Miria, other wielders, none, split-second burst of yoki enhancing speed of user, leaves afterimages, thus the name Phantom max 20-30 uses possible due to straining on mind and body, similar techniques, Elegance, more info, it is possible for Miria to high-release yoki and go beyond limit momentarily beyond awakening, it is probably possible only because she half awakened this changes the specs : - better speed (even than Elegance) - inability to change direction - threat of awakening/losing humanity

New Mirage, original wielder, Miria, other wielders, none, specs, improved version of Phantom Mirage - no yoki - limitless use - slower than Phantom Mirage, more info, developed by Miria during hiding after Northern Campaign


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try to add information in their right relationship, hierarchicaly, use trees, use links

avoid double post, link node by topic (in propetries window on the right side of the interface) to original node

'about' node, explain, what is the category about, the hierarchy, use this color

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colors, informative, colors will be used to, separate system form content, to differentiate between users if needed





here you will find everything about characters from claymore universe

template, category of characters, about, list


list, about, list of all claymores, template, character, name/nickname, rank, generation, original technique, other techniques, more..., Miria, name, Miria/ Phantom Miria, rank, #6, generation, Clare's generation, original technique, Phantom Mirage, other techniques, New Mirage, Clare, name, Clare, rank, #47, generation, Clare's generation, original technique, Yoki Sensing, other techniques, Quicksword, Windcutter

generations, Teresa's, Clare's, #6, Miria, #47, Clare, current




awakened beings

more groups

abyssal ones(AO), awakened beings that were previously number one claymore, list, original, Isley, Riful, Luciela, new, Hysteria, Cassandra, Roxanne, Alicia, Beth

strongest eight claymores, about, these are the strongest claymores ever created, all were #1 and died before awakening currently three of them were ressurected by the organization, =ressurected, Hysteria the Elegant, Roxanne of Love and Hate, Cassandra the Dust Eater, The Three armed Rihite, Lutecia the Universal, Sistina the Divine Oracle, Heavy-Bladed Chloe, Teresa of the Faint Smile

Ghosts/Seven Ghosts, about, 7 survivors of battle of Pieta, now deserters of the organisation, battle of Pieta, = no YR since battle of Pieta, list, Miria, Clare, Deneve, Helen, Tabithia, Cynthia, Yuma

half awakened, claymores that managed to not awaken despite crossing their limit momentarily, list, Clare, Miria, Deneve, Helen, Jean



list of shortcuts with explaining the term


abysall one


awakened being


abysall feeders


yoki release

what is this


knowledge pool, making use of hierarchical access to information

perfect tool to show relationships between information


is to provide as much information as possible for everyone who likes claymore



Phantom Mirage - Elegance

Windcutter - Quicksword

more sources

animeworld forum

mangahelpers forum

claymore wikia




was Rosemary an AO?, clearly she had specs for it (she was #1) dunno if in terms of raw power though, but she wasnt #1 at of awakening

hall of fame

spit (the original founder)


battle of Pieta