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HRMS by Mind Map: HRMS

1. Employee Creation Done here

1.1. New Employee

1.1.1. Zone Admin->Master Settings->Zones

1.1.2. Region Admin->Master Settings-> Region

1.1.3. Branches Admin-> Master Settings->Branches

1.1.4. Employee Code Admin->Master Settings-> Serial Config

1.1.5. Qualification Admin->Master Settings->Master Data

1.1.6. Sub Qualification

1.1.7. Religion Admin->Master Settings-> Product : ERP->Type: HRMS Religion

1.1.8. Blood Group Admin->Master Settings->Master Data->Product : HRMS-> type: blood Group

1.1.9. Country Admin->Master Settings-> Product :ERP-> Type:PROC_Country

2. Salary can be fixed in Salary Module

2.1. Salary -> Payroll-> Salary Master

2.1.1. Designation BO admin->Master Settings-> Master Data Product: HRMS ->Type: HRMS Designation

2.1.2. Grade BO admin->Master Settings-> Master Data Product :HRMS -> Type : HRMS Grade

2.2. Salary -> Payroll

2.2.1. Statutory Benfits PF and EI can be done her

3. Employee can apply leave, OD, Permission and COFF

3.1. ESS

3.2. m

4. Time Attendance Management System

4.1. TAMS

4.1.1. TAMS Settings

4.1.2. Leave Policy Leave Type BO admin-> Master Settings employee categoray BO admin-> master settings

4.1.3. Time Sheet

4.1.4. Shift Prefer

4.1.5. Shift Master

4.1.6. Leave Balance Master Single Entry Credit and Debit Bulk Upload admin-> upload> new upload

4.1.7. Shift Master