Chapter 1 The Marketing World

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Chapter 1 The Marketing World by Mind Map: Chapter 1  The Marketing World

1. Introduction

1.1. Goal of all marketing activities is to facilitate mutually satisfying exchanges between parties.

1.2. Marketing activities include the:

1.2.1. Conception

1.2.2. Pricing

1.2.3. Promotion

1.2.4. Distribution

1.2.5. of ideas, products and services

2. Difference btwn 3 organisations

2.1. Production-oriented organization

2.1.1. Focused on producing goods and services.

2.2. Sales-oriented organization

2.2.1. Focused on selling.

2.3. Marketing-oriented organization

2.3.1. Puts customer at the heart of business.

2.3.2. Customer focused

2.4. Societal marketing-orientation

2.4.1. Looks at the society in which a business operates

3. Nature of Marketing

3.1. A process by which an organization focuses on satisfying customer needs.

4. Exchange and Marketing

4.1. Exchange key to marketing process

4.2. Exchange = all activités associated with somebody (customer) giving up something (money/time/goods) in order to receive something in return (product/service) from another.

4.3. 5 conditions of exchange

4.3.1. A minimum of 2 parties involved

4.3.2. Each party offer something of value to other party

4.3.3. Each party free to accept or reject others offer

4.3.4. Each party must want to deal with other party

4.3.5. Each party must be able to communicate with and deliver the goods and services wanted by the other trading party

5. Marketing Gaps

5.1. Users of a product are not always where the product in manufactured — this causes gaps in the marketing process.

5.2. Gaps are often identified between core marketing aspects (Figure 1.1)

5.3. 5 Main Gaps

5.3.1. Space Gap

5.3.2. Time Gap

5.3.3. Information Gap

5.3.4. Ownership Gap

5.3.5. Value Gap

6. Marketing Activities

6.1. Primary marketing activity

6.1.1. Transport

6.2. Auxiliary marketing activity

6.2.1. Sourcing and supplying information

6.2.2. Standardisation and grading

6.2.3. Storage

6.2.4. Financing

6.2.5. Risk taking

6.3. Exchange marketing activities

6.3.1. Buying

6.3.2. Selling