CIO MDPortals Directives

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CIO MDPortals Directives by Mind Map: CIO MDPortals Directives

1. Doctors

2. Ubiquity Needs

3. Stage 2: Epic Carequality Interoperability Network

3.1. These most advanced Interoperability networks and can be accessed immediately via our Kno-2 functionality - as a founding member of Care Quality.

4. Care Coordinators' Responsibilities

4.1. Make sure that all faxes being received today have a copy sent to HouseCallMD Data Lake

4.2. We will need an indication triggered within Ubiquity that records from a a particular physician are needed.

4.3. Agree as to which triggers will kick off HouseCallMD to allocate a physician to request records on behalf of Landmark.

5. OncallMD App

6. Automatic Triggers