Validity vs. Reliability

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Validity vs. Reliability by Mind Map: Validity vs. Reliability

1. Tests

1.1. test should be validity of grade level

1.2. validity evidence if we can demonstrate that it measures

1.3. easiest to read when test in in acheivement

2. 3 forms of validity evidence

2.1. Content Validity

2.2. Criterion Related Validity

2.3. Concurrent Criterion-related

3. More items in a test the more reliable the score is

4. Consistency in the rank of individual students who take test more than once

5. 3 basic methods

5.1. Alternative form

5.2. internal consistency

5.3. test-retest

6. Group valiability affects the sixe of reliabilty coeffeicient

7. Score tests reliability because if not they will be unrealiable.