Validity versus Reliability

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Validity versus Reliability by Mind Map: Validity versus Reliability

1. Content Validity

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1.2. Concurrent Criterion-Related Validity

2. Content Validity is used to make sure that students are being assessed properly on what they are learning

3. Criterion Validity helps assess students learning and test scores through the use of evidence such as; statistics.

4. Predictive Validity

5. this is the best way to find out if the content of a test covers the material taught.

6. Criterion -Related Validity uses test scores in conjunction with another source Ex: statistics to be proven.

7. Predictive Validity is a form of an aptitude test to see how students will perform in the future.

8. Scoring reliability is important in assessing because a score must be able to be proven and seen as valid for it to help teachers assess if they are teaching and testing properly.

9. Construct Validity

10. Construct Validity uses other types of information to assess the validity of test and learning.

11. Group Variability meaning how the students interpret the test and the information given affects test results and learning.