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My life by Mind Map: My life

1. Who I am

1.1. my name is Ancisar Machado Lloreda, I was born on january 21 1995 so, I'm 24 years old. I'm a humble and simple young. I'I am a man committed to my doings and I like to live life without complications because I have nothing to take care of and everything to live.

2. my hobbies

2.1. i'm a soccer fanatic, I love watch and play soccer. I also love readind.

3. Where I come from

3.1. I come from Bagado, the 8th marvel in the world, it is a magic realism with the most fascinating touristic places. also, Bagado has the kindest people; their citizens like to be helpful and worker.

4. My plans

4.1. To have a dignified life not full of wealth, but filled with happiness next to the people who I love exercising my profession to help to change the world for good.

5. My weaknesses and strengths

5.1. My strengths: I am a open mind person and focused on what I am and what I want, I do not let me influence other people negatively. my weaknesses: Sometimes I am very impulsive.

6. My emotional life

6.1. I like to be cheerful happy I like to live life with humor, I accept myself as I am and I enjoy the maximum what life offers me.

7. My spiritual life

7.1. I am very peaceful, harmonious, humble, integrative and believer. I believe faithfully and blindly in God, I do not like being limited, neither routine, nor fearful.

8. What I do

8.1. I'm a englisg and french student at tecnhological university of Choco, I'm in the 10th semester.